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Hey there!!

This is all about Ron G Marketing! The name is Ron Gooding (Ron G Jr. for short) and I currently reside in the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados! I’ve been online finding the greatest opportunities out there since 2016.

I came up with “Ron G Marketing” from the raw emotion I got when I thought about life in general, our economic system and how so many things in life which we were taught as children just don’t add up. I believe our time here on earth is very short and we have the right to spend the majority of it being as happy as possible with the people we love. We Caribbean people have a certain ‘vibe’ which is very free-spirited and liberating. Cross referencing that with the internet/worldwide web (which is pretty much modern day LIFE), Ron G Marketing was born.

Ron G Marketing will pursue its passion for promoting work from home income opportunities for individuals worldwide and helping full-time entrepreneurs learn new skills, build their mindset and prepare for an exciting  future! In this new digital age, we have access to resources and technology that we wouldn’t have dreamed of 10, 20 years ago. It is time for us to embrace these opportunities and welcome them with open arms. This is by no means an easy path to take but I believe it is a better way. As the great Jim Rohn said, A formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

The Awakening…

When I first came online it was not good for me at all… why?

Just like a lot of new people that look to the internet to earn an honest income, I was just jumping from opportunity to opportunity and each MLM and Affiliate Marketing company told me how I would make a whole bunch of money overnight…

Let’s take it back further to let you know where I started…

I never went to college, as soon as I graduated high school I went to work. I had to support my family and myself and going to school at that time wasn’t going to cut it for me. I worked very hard for 15 years in the corporate world. There, I worked extremely long hours for an organization where there was little or no room for growth. Everyone just came to work and kind of, did as they were told. After 10 years in the same dead-end position I got frustrated and managed to “will” myself to a higher position in sales. I did it by adopting an insane work ethic, being committed and increasing my skills.

After a few months of what seemed to be mental torture in sales, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Yes, I achieved my goal of being promoted but with that promotion came additional responsibilities and stress for which I was not being duly compensated.

It was in January of 2016 after 10 p.m. sifting through endless paper work, I started to realize that I can’t be stuck doing this for the rest of my life.

The job was extremely demanding and even though I was young, I knew if I continued working like that over the years, it would eventually break me down and leave me unfulfilled like it had done most of my older colleagues who had retired or been laid off due to restructuring.

That wasn’t the only reason I couldn’t continue working in the 9-5 scam of a system…the main reason I got fed up was because it was consuming my LIFE. I had very limited time to do anything I enjoyed!! Things like being with family and friends, my hobbies, taking vacations (when I wanted to) and even taking care of my general HEALTH was becoming an issue.

I was assigned crazy dollar targets using outdated systems and products, which caused me to work upwards of 12 to 16 hours per day (except for some Sundays) if I wanted to even almost meet those disparate targets.

Something had to change, and I was determined to do whatever was required of me to get out of there.

The Research…

One day after getting off of work I came online looking for ways I could make money just to supplement my income. That is all I honestly wanted to do. I didn’t care about getting rich. I just wanted my life back. Making half of what I was making at my job was enough for me. I went to Google and YouTube and searched “work from home jobs” “make money online” … I typed in every single word I could think of because like I said, I was determined to do whatever it took.

As I started to get deep into my research I came across hundreds of pages and videos about Affiliate Marketing, they talked about how I could be my own boss and work from the comfort of my home, it was very hard for me to choose which company to go with because there were so many. To make matters worse, almost all of them were promising that if I joined I would get rich overnight and that caused me to be a bit skeptical.

I also came across a lot of MLM companies which were basically the same. I tried it but I was focused on harnessing the leverage of the internet more so than the traditional Network Marketing process of recruiting & presenting to build my business.

It was hard for me to believe all the hype of all the money I could be making online and I really didn’t want to be pitching my friends and family, But I also knew I had to take a leap of faith if I wanted my life to change… and that’s what I did.

Stepping out on faith…

I finally pulled the trigger and joined my first affiliate marketing company, but unfortunately it didn’t work like they led me to believe. All they gave me when I joined was a website, and literally told me to go out there and make money… But how?

They didn’t give me any training or support on what I was supposed to do in order to make money with the site… they just left me in the dark and told me I would figure it out…

That’s when my life changed…

So finally, I came across this guy on YouTube after what seemed like an eternity of getting nowhere, he was making over $3,000 a week from his laptop, I reached out to him, he was a very good guy, genuine and honest… after failing so much and getting scammed online you kind of learn who’s real and who’s fake…

He gave me a step by step blueprint on how he was so successful, and it was very easy to follow. Long story short… I started to apply his knowledge, and I began to start making money the same month!

So, before I finish, I just want to let you know that I got your back. I can share the exact blueprint on how I became successful online! The first action step I will ask you to take is clicking the link below!

Click Right Here And See What I’m talking about. Enter your best email and watch the following video till the end. It will change your LIFE!

I promised myself, as soon as I figured out how to make money online I was going to help as many people as I can and that is what I’ve started doing. Helping highly motivated individuals earn a legitimate  income on the internet.

You’ve probably been struggling to make money online or join the right company and I’m going to be all the way honest with you…

It doesn’t matter where you’re at on this journey, you WILL make it. Just keep your mind open and pay attention, the proof is there… you haven’t come here by mistake my friend!

I really believe that you came here because you need more for your life and your family…you deserve to live a life of maximum potential!!

You may just want an extra $1,000 a month or maybe its $15,000 a month…

Whatever you want out of this, I am writing this to let you know you can do it, without a shadow of a doubt!

Talk soon!

Your friend & business partner,

Ron G

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